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360 Volleyball Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)

3/31/2020 -  We intend to monitor the situation and abide by all decisions made by USA Volleyball, NTR as well as federal and local authorities.

At this time practices will be cancelled through April 30 as recommended today by USA Volleyball.  We will keep everyone informed of any national qualifier or local tournament cancellations.  Once practices resume, we recommend that every player bring their own hand sanitizer to each practice and use it before and after practice.  If a family member is in a high risk category and feel it is in their best interest to refrain from practices or tournaments they are encouraged to do so.  Also practice social distancing at all times.

Recommendations by the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus: 

  • Avoid getting close to anyone coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover your mouth with a tissue or your elbow when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue away and then wash your hands (sanitize if washing is not possible).
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • Monitor the WHO and DC website for travel advisories
  • Reducing the Risk Printout

This is a link to USAV statement regarding the Coronavirus – Click

This is a link to a USAV page with updates regarding every Qualifier – Click

Additional updates will be sent via a club-wide email as well as communicated via our Coaches and Team Mom & Dad group chats so information is delivered quickly.

47th AAU Junior National Championships in Florida!

We are excited to announce 360 Volleyball will be forming competitive 13,14, 15, 16 and 17 year old teams to travel & play in the 2020 AAU National Volleyball Championships in Orlando, FL in June!  The AAU Volleyball Championship event is one of the leading tournaments in the nation with over 2,100 teams competing on 175 courts. The host location for this event is the ESPN Wide World of Sports & Orange County Convention Center.

If you are interested in this great opportunity and would like to experience the excitement & energy of AAU as well as work with some of our top team coaches, please join us for tryouts.    

UPDATE:  Tryout dates are pending COVID-19 Updates. 

Good Health Habit Reminders!
As the flu, cold and other viruses run rapid this time of year, keep in mind that players, parents & coaches should not attend practices, tournaments or any 360 VB Club activities when sick (flu,fevers, diarrhea, pink eye, etc.)
We want to do our part to ensure we are not passing germs and other "nasties" on to players, parents or staff.
The same "stay home" guidelines that apply to school & work apply to the club as well.
Help keep everyone healthy & safe by following the good health habits & guidelines for staying home when sick.
If a player shows up to practice or tournaments sick, they will be sent home immediately.

360Volleyball 360 Volleyball 360Volleyball



Aledo 12 Black Wins GOLD at Fort Worth Open!!


Aledo 12U Black

13 RED @ the Sunday One Day #2 Tournament!!

13 RED - 2nd Place in GOLD @ the Sunday OneDay #2 Tournament - CONGRATULATIONS!

What is Win By Two T-Shirts?
When I designed this shirt I asked myself why print a shirt that people may not understand?
Why would you not say dominate, or destroy?
Because in the end that’s all that matters in the sport of competitive volleyball. It’s the only one of two sports in the world that has to be won by two points.
They may not remember the National Championship match, but they will remember who won by two. No matter if you’re down 10, or up by 8 in the end hold on until there is nothing left in you but the will to win. 
Coach Clarence
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Our Players, Coaches & Teams are Bonding and Putting in Work!!

Check out the photos below!
If you have photos to share - provide them to your team parent! Your team parent will provide them to our staff.

Thank you

Team Mom's & Dad's!

A HUGE Thank You to all the Team Mom's & Dad's this season!

Our Team Mom's and Dad's, are dedicated volunteers who give forth effort on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, to take care of our teams/parents so that the coaches can focus on the growth of our players & teams.

Team Mom's & Dad's are masters of snack schedules, team bonding planners & communication coordinators.

360 Volleyball appreciates everything you do for us!!

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360 Volleyball Is Hiring!!

360 Volleyball Club has been established to provide top quality training and competitive opportunities for young athletes at all levels of development. This experience will enhance social development; teach the values of teamwork, self discipline, responsibility, self-esteem and self-motivation.

If you have interest in Coaching opportunities, please visit our career page and submit your resume.

15 Kaos Black - 9th Place (Open), MLK

Stay updated on Tournament details & Directions/Facility Information.


Click on the links below for complete information.




READ: Directions and Location Info including Entry Fees


Please remember to adhere to the Spectator Code of Conduct when attending tournaments:



Also be reminded that playing time is not guaranteed. Playing time is earned and not given out equally. Practice is where athletes learn and grow in skill development. Performance at practice helps determine court time at tournaments.


Coaches should not be approached or contacted at tournaments regarding playing time. This should be done no sooner than 24 hours after your player's last match.


Grievances regarding playing time should follow the proper protocol. Players must discuss with their coaches first, if not resolved the parent should contact the coach to resolve before involving 360 Administration.

In today's competitive athletic world, it is never too early to start the recruiting process!
360 Volleyball has a successful record of getting players accepted into colleges & universities, however we need parent & player engagement as well.
Stay tuned for more information on what parents & players need to do for recruiting purposes. To begin the process, click on the 360 VB recruiting link below for more information.

    Important Dates
    360 Volleyball will be closed on the below dates
    Spring Break:  March 9th – March 13th
    Spring Break call out: Some teams have tournaments March 14-15. Please confirm your practice schedule for spring break with your coach. 


    When the weather is bad.....

    Weather and road conditions can vary greatly from area to area. As a result, parents are the ultimate decision-makers on whether or not their player will attend 360 VB club activities (practice, tournaments, etc.) 360 VB Staff will always notify parents of canceled or delayed activities due to weather issues.