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Updated May 26, 2020    This page will address the frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 and the 2020 Volleyball Season.  This is a fluid situation that we as a club are monitoring very closely with discussions occurring daily and sometimes hourly.  We are committed to keeping our parents and players informed, therefore in addition to sending email updates, we'll be adding the most frequently asked questions to this FAQ.  Please keep in mind there may be questions that we simply do not have the answer to at this time.  However if you have questions that are not addressed here, please email and we'll answer as best we can.

Is the Club Season Over?

Yes. Recently NTR sent a survey to parents and club directors to better determine next steps for our region. After receiving the results of this survey, the Region Board has decided to end all tournaments for the season. This was done in large part to end the continuous rescheduling of tournaments caused by regulatory and government mandates. This decision, although very disappointing for some, will give us all closure and an opportunity to better plan the reminder of our summers.  For further details please review the 2019-2020 Season Update sent via email on Friday, May 22nd.

Camps & Clinics

We will begin offering Camps & Clinics in June!
Private lessons and small group lessons are available at this time.

Stay tuned for the latest updates

Will we get a refund?

There will be a financial impact as a result of COVID-19, and our goal is to minimize the impact for our club families and our club staff.  Since the club season has been interrupted there will be some prorated refunds and/or credits for the season.  Please note that there will be some unrecoverable expenses that will need to be considered. As discussed in our club-wide email, we will reach out to each team individually to discuss such refunds and/or credits.

In regards to monthly payments, please keep in mind that the payment schedule was established as a convenience for families paying fees and does not reflect activity in any particular month. Many of the expenses (Player uniforms, equipment, coaches gear, coaches' membership & certification fees, etc.) were paid early in the season.

Please review the Club-wide Email sent on May 22nd for additional details.

We appreciate everyone's patience as we navigate through this difficult time.

Should we cancel our hotels for Lone Star?

Housing reservations made through the tournament housing authority (team block) will be cancelled on your behalf. There is no action needed on your part.

Anyone who booked hotel rooms independently will of course need to follow the cancellation procedures associated with your reservation.



We are currently working with the picture company on retrieving pictures previously taken. We hope to have an update on distribution  fairly soon. 

Sports Engine Insurance

The policy offered in the Sports Engine registration system covers injury, illness, family move etc. However, it does not include coverage for pandemics (

When are Tryouts/Evaluations?

The Tryout or Evaluation period is:

July 25 - August 1
Signing Day, August 2nd
15U - 18U

August 8 - 15
Signing Day, August 16
14U and under

Approved by the Region Board May 26.

Facility Guidelines

Each facility will be listing facility specific guidelines due to COVID-19.  Please see below.  Additional protocols and guidelines will be added as we receive them.